About Me

I am an enthusiast, i have a passion for the web and i believe in making designs better, intuitive and inspiring. I find building websites fun and fulfilling and i continue to expand my horizon with emerging technologies.  My years of study has been fun  and rewarding, I have a degree in Computer Science, a diploma in multimedia design and communication, professional Bachelor in product development and integrative technology and digital concept development.

I am an experienced web designer and front-end developer living in Copenhagen Denmark, I am excited about bootstrap and will look to integrate it as part of my future projects, I am very well established in HTML5 and CSS3, Javascript, JQuery and React.  I have been creating functional, intuitive and usable professional websites using best practices that meet evolving web standards, resulting in semantic and SEO friendly XHTML and CSS. I hand-code and also use CMSes.

I use mashable, Photoshop and Fireworks for layouts and wireframing, My CMS of choice is WordPress for professional and dynamic websites, allows for faster integration of databases using PHP and Mysql, for ecommerce websites, i am very comfortable with wordpress and woocommerce, shopify, prestashop and magento.

I take SEO very seriously when developing website and why not, when it actually exposes a website and brand to a wider audience. Website management and DNS/webserver management is part of my everyday life.




Bachelor in Digital Concept Development. UX & UI Design, SEO, Google Analytics
Copenhagen school of Design and Technology (kEA)


Professional Bachelor in Product Development and Integrative Technology- Project management, agile methods.
Copenhagen school of Design and Technology (kEA)

Diploma in Multimedia Design and Communication- website Design, graphics design, HTML5 CSS3, JavaScript, php and mysql. Copenhagen school of Design and Technology (kEA)
Degree in Computer Science - programming in Visual Basic, c++, Completed the course with design of a human resources management system, a desktop application for managing employee information across departments.



Assisting Lecturer, Computer operations, DBase and console applications.
The Federal Polytechnic Bauchi


Computer systems Analyst
Fluxlinks Security Limited, Lagos


Tornsangervej 20 2400 København.


HTML & CSS 98%
C#, JavaScript, JQuery 80%
PHP, MySQL 85%
Frameworks & CMSes (Sitecore, WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop) 95%
Photoshop, Fireworks 70%